ZoZo Engineering provides full turnkey Software solutions. Our programmers have extensive experience in multiple applications and languages. We take pride in bringing your vision to market. We follow a well defined Software Lifecycle that clearly defines your vision as “Engineering Requirements”. These “Engineering Requirements” serve as the metrics to validate and verify that the resulting product meets your vision. Our areas of expertise are:

Agile Software Development

Embedded Applications

  • Full Software Lifecycle support for your industry area or project requirements
  • Board Support Packages (Assembly, C/C++)
  • Full software development barebones to application level
  • Graphical User Interfaces small and large screens
  • Driver Development for OTS (off the shelf) or custom hardware
  • Real Time Operating Systems (MQX, SMX, VxWorks, etc.)
  • Embedded Web Servers for remote application viewing and monitoring
  • Development Process:
  • Requirements tracking
  • Configuration Management inclusive of Source Code Control (SVN or similar)
  • Unit/Module testing
  • Defect and Resolution Tracking

Web 2.0 Technologies for Rich Internet Applications

  • Web 2.0 scripting/programming languages such as PHP, Java Script, and Java
  • Ajax and JavaScript Frameworks (JQuery, MooTools, Bindows, etc.)
  • ActionScript (Flex and Flash)
  • Open Source Tools such as Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and PostGreSql
  • HTML (4 & 5), CSS
  • Widget Development for Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

Desktop Applications

  • Native Windows Applications (Visual C/C++)
  • Adobe Air Applications (Flex and Flash Builder)
  • Java Applications



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