About Us

ZoZo Engineering has provided a quality engineering experience to companies and individual entrepreneurs since 1997. We provide clients a diverse set of technical skills, abilities and experience. Our many years of experience in the highly regulated medical and military industries has taught us the true value of maintaining a traceable quality process throughout the product life cycle. We provide you with not only the skills but also a proven product development philosophy.

»Our product development philosophy assures you of a successful quality product.

Our Team

Brian Greger-Principal ZoZo Engineering

Brian Greger


As a co-owner and principle hardware engineer, Brian is responsible for system engineering with a focus on embedded real-time electronic hardware design and development. Brian works with clients to establish project management plans, requirements, and budgets. With extensive experience in successfully bringing numerous products to market, Brian is able to take a product from initial concept all the way through to manufacturing with regulatory approval.

Prior to starting ZoZo Engineering in 1997, Brian worked in life science and telecommunication companies. Throughout his professional career, Brian has designed sophisticated electronics and firmware including complex embedded digital and analog systems, custom FPGAs, firmware drivers, and application software. Additionally, Brian provides full support when working with regulatory bodies, ie. TUV, UL, FDA, including technical file development and submission.

Brian holds a BSEE degree from North Carolina State University. Brian continues his education with masters level courses and specialized training. Brian volunteers his time to the community as president of the Harbor Lofts Owners Association for over 12 years and as a behavioral consultant at  AviologyLearning.com to bird rescue groups.

Wendi whitcomb

Wendi Whitcomb


Wendi Whitcomb is a co-owner and the principle software engineer for ZoZo Engineering. Wendi has worked with many clients to develop quality embedded software applications. Wendi Whitcomb has over 15 years experience in software development working with a number of commercial real-time operating systems (RTOS). She has developed mission and safety critical software for the Telecom and Medical/Biotech industries. She has extensive experience developing real-time embedded applications, complex device drivers, and sophisticated algorithms.

Additionally, she has broadened her experience to include web applications and graphic design for various industries through our sister company Epic Bay Designs. She has developed embedded web servers and their associated browser client-side interfaces for ZoZo Engineering’s embedded products. She also uses her graphic arts skills to develop custom icons and graphics for embedded GUIs.

Wendi earned her Electrical Engineering degree at North Carolina State University and her Biochemistry degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. She continues to enhance her knowledge of Engineering and Computer Science at local state universities and through online learning.