Project Management

Successful product development requires effective project management. Throughout the product life cycle, ZoZo Engineering manages your product development with project management techniques that meet the end goals without overburdening the process and without taking short cuts that compromise the end-product quality. ZoZo Engineering understands that clients need to deliver a product that meets not only customer requirements but also time constraints. Whether you are a well-established large company or a start-up entrepreneur, we can refine the following services to meet your unique product development demands.

product development
  • Identify key personnel who have the skills required for the project
  • Establish agreed upon lines of communication between the project team and the client
  • Identify and document detailed customer product requirements
  • Perform risk assessments and trade-off studies before specifying product architecture
  • Develop comprehensive project schedules with clear tasks and allocated resources
  • Develop NRE, capital and production budgets including cost analysis at quantity levels
  • Define product specifications including system, software, and electronic architectures
  • Define Verification and Validation plans including test plans and traceability matrix
  • Present in-house design reviews with documented meeting minutes and traceable action items
  • Provide progress reports, updated schedules, and risk mitigation assessments throughout the project
  • Provide Engineering Change Order (ECO) process and documentation
  • Perform complete Verification testing and provide approved test reports
  • Support client Validation efforts
  • Support Safety and Regulatory agency communications, documentation, testing, and approvals/certifications
  • Provide all-inclusive transfer-to-manufacturing packages designed to meet GMP practices
  • Support on-going lifetime product design maintenance and enhancements
  • Support client ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management systems

ZoZo Engineering understands what it takes to successfully develop and manage a new product. Trust ZoZo Engineering with your next project.

»Our product development philosophy assures you of a successful quality product.


ZoZo Engineering uses Mentor Graphics ECAD software including Integra Station PCB design, Specctra PCB AutoRouter, Leonardo Spectrum FPGA/CPLD Synthesizer, ModelSim Simulator, and various FPGA/CPLD PAR tools. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • High Speed Digital Design
  • Embedded Microprocessor/Microcontroller
  • DRAM, FIFO, Dual-Port RAM, SARAM
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Analog Sensor Front-End Signal Conditioning
  • Analog Amplifier Design
  • Custom FPGA/CPLD design using VHDL
  • Ethernet, USB, CAN, LVDS, SPI, I2C and other serial interfaces
  • Motion Control/Drivers, Fluidic Electronics, LCD/LED, Optical Sensors, Barcode Engines
  • Precision Thermocouple circuitry, Laser Control circuitry
  • AC-DC, DC-DC, Power Input Protection/Isolation
  • Multi-layer PCB layout/routing with impedance control, differential pairs, isolation barriers, EMI/ESD suppression, Double-sided SMT technology
  • Flexible Printed Circuits
  • Custom interconnect cables and cabled assemblies
  • Design for Test and Manufacturability (DFT, DFM)


ZoZo Engineering provides full turnkey Software solutions. Our programmers have extensive experience in multiple applications and languages. We take pride in bringing your vision to market. We follow a well defined Software Lifecycle that clearly defines your vision as “Engineering Requirements”. These “Engineering Requirements” serve as the metrics to validate and verify that the resulting product meets your vision. Our areas of expertise are:

Agile Software Development

Embedded Applications

  • Full Software Lifecycle support for your industry area or project requirements
  • Board Support Packages (Assembly, C/C++)
  • Full software development barebones to application level
  • Graphical User Interfaces small and large screens
  • Driver Development for OTS (off the shelf) or custom hardware
  • Real Time Operating Systems (MQX, SMX, VxWorks, etc.)
  • Embedded Web Servers for remote application viewing and monitoring
  • Development Process:
  • Requirements tracking
  • Configuration Management inclusive of Source Code Control (SVN or similar)
  • Unit/Module testing
  • Defect and Resolution Tracking

Web 2.0 Technologies for Rich Internet Applications

  • Web 2.0 scripting/programming languages such as PHP, Java Script, and Java
  • Ajax and JavaScript Frameworks (JQuery, MooTools, Bindows, etc.)
  • ActionScript (Flex and Flash)
  • Open Source Tools such as Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and PostGreSql
  • HTML (4 & 5), CSS
  • Widget Development for Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

Desktop Applications

  • Native Windows Applications (Visual C/C++)
  • Adobe Air Applications (Flex and Flash Builder)
  • Java Applications


ZoZo Engineering uses the latest Solidworks 3D modeling software for design and analysis of mechanical parts and assemblies. We can provide the following mechanical engineering services:

SolidWorks-Mechanical Design
  • Mechanism design for motion systems
  • High precision part design for parts fabricated on CNC Swiss Screw Machines with cross-milling capabilities
  • Product Enclosure design
  • Sheet Metal design
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly modeling complete with connector routing points
  • Cable Routing in Solidwork assemblies for Correct-the-First-Time cables
  • Drawings for transfer to manufacturing
  • Load simulations for mechanical parts
  • Assistance with material selections and finishes


ZoZo Engineering has extensive experience making sure products meet regulatory requirements. With any product development, regulatory requirements should be identified and addressed in the initial requirements phase. Products designed without a focus on final regulatory approval end up being delayed for release and worst yet having to be sent back to the design phase. ZoZo Engineering provides the following regulatory services to make sure your product launches on time and approved.

  • Identify applicable regulatory directives and harmonized standards (CE, EN, IEC, UL)
  • Identify Conformity Assessment Modules
  • Review regulatory standards and document necessary product requirements to meet standards
  • Develop regulatory approval plan including identifying product criticality
  • Develop V&V plans for safety critical products
  • Document Hazard Analysis and FMEA/Fault Tree Analysis
  • Perform and document Verification testing with full coverage assured by Traceability Matrix
  • Establish and maintain Design History File
  • Perform formal documented Design Reviews
  • Maintain ECO process and documentation
  • Document safety agency Technical File
  • Design and produce IFU and product labeling
  • Support EMC lab testing
  • Support Safety and Regulatory lab submissions and testing
  • Obtain CB Scheme, TUV, Nemko, CE, UL safety markings
  • Support FDA approval submissions
  • Provide comprehensive and complete transfer-to-manufacturing packages
  • Support client ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and GMP Quality Management Systems



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