Portfolio » Food Pathogen Testing Instrument

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Project Overview

The Detex™ system consists of the MC-18 instrument, disposable pathogen-specific test cartridges and disposable reagent packs. One of the unique features of the Detex™ system is that the binding of a second antibody in a Sandwich-Elisa type assay is detected by deposition of silver metal and a subsequent electrical measurement. ZoZo Engineering was a integral part of the customer’s team in determining market objectives and system requirements. ZoZo Engineering was responsible for initial product objectives all the way through to volume manufacturing. ZoZo Engineering finished the product development with a full-coverage system verification and a CB scheme regulatory certification.

Product Development

Project Management

  • Customer Requirements Definition and Risk/Trade-off Assessments
  • Focus Groups with End-Users and Chemists
  • Product Requirements Documentation and Review
  • Project Proposal, Schedule, Status Reports, and Budget Updates
  • New System and Subsystems Architecture Definition
  • Lead System Engineers coordinating 3rd party mechanical and industrial design efforts
  • Produce Prototype and Pilot Builds
  • Transfer to Manufacturing Package
  • Support Customer In-house Chemists in Assay Development on instrument
  • Production Runs


  • Main PC-104 PCB Development
  • Multi-Axis Motion Control/Drivers
  • Multi-Channel ADC Ohmmeter
  • Custom CPLD with PC104 addressable register space Sample Interface Control Document
  • LCD and HMI Interface PCB Development
  • Barcode Engine COTS Development
  • Flex Circuit Development


  • Embedded SMX RTOS SW Application
  • Baseboard BSP
  • Custom Drivers for Motion Control, DAQ, Syringe Pump, Barcode, and Ink-Jet (HP Compatible) printing
  • LCD Graphics User Interface (HMI-Metagraphics library). Sample Screen Specification
  • Real-Time Windowing Algorithm for pathogen detection
  • PC Program for Food Pathogen Assay generation


  • Cable Design and Documentation
  • Custom HMI Keypad Membrane / LCD Overlay Design
  • Flex Circuit Development and Production used for chemistry test cartridges


  • IEC and CDRH Standard Identification, Review, and Requirements Documentation
  • Labeling and Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Technical File documentation and submission
  • EMC, TUV, UL, NEMKO test support Compliance Letter
  • Worldwide CB Scheme Certification