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Project Overview

The Headspace Gas Analyzer is capable of measuring pressure and moisture in the headspace of optically transparent packages that are sealed under vacuum. ZoZo Engineering was responsible for the design of new electronics packaged into new mechanical enclosures designed to pass EMC testing. ZoZo Engineering’s used its extensive EMC experience to design new electronics and assist with new mechanical enclosures all within 16 weeks to obtain a Declaration of Conformity to both the EMC and Low Voltage directives. ZoZo Engineering finished the project by providing a complete transfer to manufacturing package.

Product Development

Project Management

  • Review Customer Requirements and Current Product Issues
  • Develop Project Proposal and Aggressive Schedule
  • Provide Continuous Status Reports and Coordination with all teams
  • New System and Subsystems Architecture Definition
  • Support Mechanical Engineer with Packaging and Interface Designs
  • Produce Prototype Builds and Support Integration Testing
  • Transfer to Manufacturing Package


  • DC Baseboard PCB Development
  • RF Head PCB Development
  • Power and Laser PCB Development
  • Specify OTS Electrical Components for new system


  • Specify Enclosure Layout, Apertures, Fastening, and Conductive Finish
  • Mechanical 3D Modeling of PCBs including EMI Suppression Shields
  • Cable Design and Documentation
  • Specify EMC Conduit, Custom Power Entry Module Bracket, and Mechanical Connections


  • Directive and Standard Identification, Review, and Requirements Documentation
  • Safety Labels and Instruction For Use Production Sample Page
  • Technical File Production-Sample Page
  • Contract EMC Lab and successfully pass EMC testing on first pass
  • Contract TUV and support TUV Agent testing
  • Obtain CE approval to EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and Annex 1 Machinery Directive Type B