Portfolio » Music MIDI/VOIP Project

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Project Overview

Stanford University computer science entrepreneur had the idea for combining MIDI and VOIP channels synchronously communicated over the WAN. The end product allowed for real-time streaming of synchronized MIDI music rehearsals between parties in different locations. Product also allowed parties to communicate via VOIP. Client contacted ZoZo Engineering to review a breadboard reference design and upgrade the design as a prototype product. ZoZo Engineering finished the development by delivering successful first-run prototype quantities.

Product Development

Project Management

  • Project review
  • Project Proposal, Contract, Schedule, Status Reports, and COG Updates
  • Produce Prototype Builds
  • Transfer to Manufacturing Package Top Level BOM


  • MIDI/VOIP PCB Development Sample Schematic
  • Ethernet Communications
  • VOIP Codec interface
  • MIDI serial interface
  • LCD 16×2 character module


  • Assess off-the-shelf enclosure options with client
  • Design PCB with on-board connections to mate up with customized Serpac enclosure
  • Work with machine shop to modify Serpac enclosure Enclosure