Portfolio » Xeon Arc Lamp Project

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Project Overview

A Sutter high intensity 300W xeon light source was used in the client’s microplate imaging product line. During TUV safety testing, single fault tests were performed on the lamp. When a single fault to the cooling system was tested, the light source overheated with combustion of some internal components. Client contacted ZoZo Engineering to review applicable safety standards, to perform the necessary studies, and develop custom electronics to protect the product in the event of a single fault failure. ZoZo Engineering finished the development by obtaining safety agency approval and releasing a retrofit manufacturing package.

Product Development

Project Management

  • Sutter Lamp product review
  • Project Proposal, Schedule, Status Reports, and Budget Updates
  • Design and document Thermal Study for Safety Agency Sample Page
  • Produce Prototype and Pilot Builds
  • Document Calibration Procedures
  • Transfer to Manufacturing Package


  • Precision Multizone Temperature Monitor PCB Development Sample Schematic
  • Precision Thermocouple Analog circuitry
  • Threshold Trigger Comparison Logic circuitry
  • Open Thermocouple Detection
  • Protection circuitry against initial EFT bursts and noisy EMI environment
  • Design for calibration (DFT/DFM) with auto-power switching and SMA meter connections


  • IEC and CDRH Standard Identification, Review, and Requirements Documentation
  • Coordination with Safety Agency testing lab
  • IFU and labeling documentation
  • Technical File documentation
  • Safety Agency approval Approval